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DiluFlow Elite new features


DiluFlow Elite new generation is the ideal dilutor for the powder mode and for all samples with low WA (Water Activity) accodring to ISO 6887: milk powder, dehydrated products, cereals..
The powder mode enables to avoid osmoctic shocks of the sample by introducing it after the diluent. This mode enables to keep the whole sample, especially for volatile samples for the DiluFlow Elite readjusts the final dilution to the initial weight. Traceability is also ensured.

“The DiluFlow Elite adapts itself to all types of analyses, respecting the normative aspect as for products with low WA, with its powder mode. It is a strategic automat which needs flexibility to make different analyses.” says Manon Laborie, Microbiology Applications Specialist of INTERSCIENCE.

What’s new?

- Powder mode : dilution of the samples with low WA (Water activity) in compliance with ISO 6887 standards
- Autotare function: DiluFlow detects the bag and tares automatically while the operator intakes the sample
- Weighing mode: pre-weight your samples

Product Page
- DiluFlow Elite 5 kg, single pump : Ref. 503 105
- DiluFlow Elite 5 kg, double pump : Ref. 503 205

- DiluFlow Elite 1 kg, single pump : Ref. 503 101
- DiluFlow Elite 1 kg, double pump : Ref. 503 201

Technical specifications
- Ultra-low profile: only 30 cm ! Perfect for use under laminar flow
- GeckoGrip System (Patented): holds the bag under any conditions
- Up to 6 pumps, with 4 connectable pumps
- Light Code: light indicator of the process
- Removable drip tray for easy cleaning (Patented)
- Multi-distribution mode (Patented) with handy gun
- Fastest on the market: only 8 s* to dispense 225 mL
- Robotized arm: to place easily and safely the sample
- 24 editable programs
- Bi-directional connectivity
- Full traceability: printer, Excel, CSV, USB key and LIMS
- In compliance with ISO 7218, ISO 6887 and FDA BAM

DiluFlow Elite is specifically designed for:
- Powder and dehydrated samples’ dilution
- Dilution in different containers: bags, tubes, containers…

How does it work?
1. Automatized dilution of the sample
2. Weighing mode activated, the operator places the sample
3. DiluFlow Elite calculates and adds the diluent if necessary
4. Operation with traceability

Ask for a demo to our team or at info at interscience.com

Complete info on DiluFlow Elite

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