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NEW BagFilter bag

BagFilter P, Blender bag with lateral filter


INTERSCIENCE is pleased to announce the renewing of the BagFilter range

BagFilter P, the best-seller of the blender bags range for sample preparation just got better for more ergonomy and user-friendly features.
BagFilter P meets the needs of the Quality Control laboratories of the food industry and food hygiene analysis providers.

What’s new?

Pre-cut for pipetting Marking zone Volume Indication Enlarged opening

- Pre-cut for pipetting: for easy micropipet insertion
- Marking zone: for clear sample traceability
- Volume Indication : check the diluent’s volume
- Enlarged opening: for easy straw pipettes insertion

Technical specifications
- Ideal for pipetting
- Approved for food contact
- Bag with lateral filter
- MultiLayer, multicoated reinforced complex
- Rigid and transparent
- Gamma ray treated
- The filtration of the sample occurs during its homogenization
- No risks of cross-contamination
- The particle-free filtrate is the guarantee of an efficient analysis and ideal for automatic plating and colony counting

BagFilter is adapted for:
- Food and agricultural microbiological analyses (Ex: meat, cooked meat, fish, prepared dishes, fruits, vegetables…)
- Pharmacological microbiological analyses (Ex: pills, tablets, blisters, powders…)
- Environmental microbiological analyses (Ex: plants, soil, filtration membranes, tissues…)

Ask for samples to our sales team or at info at interscience.com

More info on BagFilter P

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