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MOULIN de la MARCHE, France


Le Moulin de la Marche produces over twenty years salmon and smoked trout. The factory is part of the group Les Mousquetaires Intermarché. The microbiology laboratory of the Moulin de la Marche analysis of fresh fish and smoked fish (salmon, trout and tuna).
Work with : easySpiral Dilute, Scan 1200, dataLink

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easySpiral Dilute and Scan 1200 : a saving of 24 000€ consumables per year

Interview with Mrs Chantal PATROM, Head of Microbiology Moulin de la Marche Laboratory:

Why did you feel the need in an automatic plater?
« We analyze about 9 500 samples per year on which we count mesophilic flora at 30 ° C. We wanted to save on
consumables. »

How did easySpiral Dilute® change your work?
« The easySpiral Dilute and the Scan 1200 save us 24 000 € consumables per year, compared to the film
growing method that we used before the acquisition of these devices, and that only for the analyzes of the mesophilic flora at 30 ° C.
In 10 months, we have returned our investment. With the easySpiral Dilute we can earn money and time for subculturing. The Scan 1200 allowed us to save valuable time on Petri dishes reading. »

Why did you choose Interscience?
« Demonstration and free loan allowed us to test the equipment before purchase. We are really satisfied with
easySpiral Dilute and Scan 1200, just as we are satisfied with Interscience follow-up with the installation of the equipment. »

Analysis protocol
Type of sample: raw materials (fresh fish and smoked fish), finished products at the date production
and finished products at the expiration date
Number of analysis: 10 000/year
Dilution mode: automatic mode with the easySpiral Dilute®
Dilution factor: 1/5th, 1/10th, 1/100th
Bacteria: Mesophilic Flora
Medium: PCA
Number of Petri dishes plated per day: 60
Way of counting colonies: automatic mode with the Scan 1200

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