• INTERSCIENCE celebrates its 40th anniversary

    40 years of experience in microbiology
    For over 40 years, INTERSCIENCE has been developing and manufacturing scientific equipment for microbiology. Products guarantee quick and secure analyses for the agrofood, pharmaceutical, cosmetical industries and for environmental and medical research.
    A family story
    François Jalenques, French physicist and entrepreneur, creates INTERSCIENCE in 1979. His ambition : create scientific equipment of excellent quality, go international and offer the best (…)

  • Actualmente

    October 22nd 2019 ScanStation 200, for real-time bacterial monitoring, success installation at group ’Mironivsky Hliboproduct’ (MHP), leader in grain and poultry growing, feed production, meat and poultry processing based in Kiev, UKRAINE and exporting in more than 80 countries worldwide.
    Monitoring of housing conditions, control of incoming raw materials, quality sanitation and disinfection of the working environment, are controlled by MHP and independent third-party laboratories accredited (…)

  • ¡Encuéntrenos en el 2019!

    Descubre nuestras novedades en las exhibiciones de este año
    FORUM LABO, March 26-27-28 2019 Booth B14-C15 Paris, FRANCE
    ARAE, July 1-2-3 2019 Tours, FRANCE
    Congrès A3P, October 15-16-17 2019 Biarritz, FRANCE
    UPBM, October 19 2019 Strasbourg, FRANCE
    LAB-SUPPLY, June 13 2019 Berlin, GERMANY
    MEDICA, November 18-19-20-21 2019 HALL 3 / C73 Düsseldorf, GERMANY
    ILMAC, September 24-25-26-27 2019 HALL 1.1 / A185 Basel, SWITZERLAND (…)

  • Plate & Count System®

    «Siembra automática de la muestra y conteo de colonias instantáneo con trazabilidad completa de las operaciones!» Aumente sus capacidades de análisis con:
    EASYSPIRAL® sembradores automáticos (2 modelos disponibles)
    SCAN® contadores automáticos de colonias (3 modelos disponibles)
    1. AHORROS CONSIDERABLES : Ahorro del tiempo, de consumibles y de espacio hasta del 75%
    Cuando la caja sembrada en espiral salga de la incubadora, está lista para ser contada por el contador automático de (…)

  • BagFilter Pipet & Roll Bags

    BagFilter Pipet & Roll, filter bags with pipet access and built-in closure
    With the on-going success of the BagFilter bags range in labs, INTERSCIENCE launches the BagFilter Pipet & Roll bags range, a great solution for handling samples in Pathogens research.
    Pathogens research such as Listeria and Salmonella analyses implies several pipetting from the same sample bag. The built-in sticker on the Pipet & Roll filter bag provides great ergonomics to (…)

  • DataLinkTM

    DataLinkTM is a full traceability system for the microbiological analysis of a sample, from its plating to colony counting with easySpiral® automatic platers and Scan® automatic colony counters.
    Plating data (volume, dilution, time, mode …) are on a Datamatrix or QR Code label on the Petri dish. You do not need a database anymore.
    After incubation, the Datamatrix label is read by the Scan® software and gets all the information about the sample, from the plating to the colony counter (…)

  • ¿Dónde puedo ver un ScanStation?

    Come with your samples and try ScanStation at:
    Paris, FRANCE - Headquarters & Showroom
    30, ch. du bois des Arpents
    78860 Saint Nom la Breteche - FRANCE
    Tel: + 33 (0)1 34 62 62 61 - info chez
    Mourjou, FRANCE - R&D Center and manufacturing plant & Showroom
    Route de Jalenques
    15340 Mourjou - FRANCE
    Tel: + 33 (0)4 71 49 94 74 - info chez
    Boston, USA - Office & Showroom
    32 Cummings Park - Woburn, MA 01801 - USA
    P: +1 781 (…)

  • NUEVO bolsa BagFilter

    THE ORIGINAL JUST GOT BETTER! BagFilter P, Blender bag with lateral filter
    INTERSCIENCE is pleased to announce the renewing of the BagFilter range
    BagFilter P, the best-seller of the blender bags range for sample preparation just got better for more ergonomy and user-friendly features. BagFilter P meets the needs of the Quality Control laboratories of the food industry and food hygiene analysis providers.
    What’s new?
    Pre-cut for pipetting Marking zone Volume Indication (…)

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