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Dilute and Blend


Try INTERSCIENCE BagSystem® sample preparation system with the DiluFlow® gravimetric dilutors and the BagMixer® range, super silent blenders

- No risk of cross-contamination
- Accurate results and excellent reproducibility
- Significantly increases your analyzing capacities

Dilute your sample with DiluFlow®

Download DiluFlow® gravimetric dilutors brochure here:



Blend your sample with BagMixer®

Download BagMixer® lab blenders brochure here:


Complete technical infos about the products here:
DiluFlow® Elite 5 kg : gravimetric dilutor connected

DiluFlow® Elite 1 kg : ideal for cosmetics industries

DiluFlow® Pro : gravimetric dilutor 5 kg

DiluFlow® : gravimetric dilutor

BagMixer® S : silent lab blender

BagMixer® SW : silent lab blender with window