BagSystem is a complete range of automats and accessories for the preparation of samples for microbiological and biochemical as well as physico-chemical analyses…

Compared to manual preparation, this range of products allows the automation of these steps while providing more accurate results and excellent reproducibility. The risks of cross-contamination are eliminated and you can considerably increase your analysis capacities.

BagSystem: sample preparation

How to prepare your sample with BagSystem?

Collecting with a RollBag

RollBag sterile sample bags
Collect the sample in the field or in production in a sterile RollBag. Without any additional tools, the integrated sticker allows a tight and resistant closure for all types of samples. Different sizes are available to fit all samples.

Place the sample in a filter bag
2 Sampling

Filter bags for BagMixer
Place the sample of interest in a bag either with or without a filter. A single bag per sample avoids cross-contamination. The use of a filter bag allows the sample to be filtered for blending.

Dilute with gravimetric dilutor DiluFlow

Gravimetric dilutors
With the DiluFlow gravimetric dilutor, weigh the testing sample and automatically dilute to the required dilution factor. DiluFlow provides accuracy, repeatability and traceability.

Blending with the BagMixer
4 Homogenize

Lab blenders
The mother suspension is homogenized with a BagMixer paddle blender. A microbial extraction is performed during blending, as well as particles filtration if a filter bag is used. There is no direct contact between the sample and the blender thus avoiding cross-contamination.

Store in a BagRack
5 Organize

Lab accessories
The bags, containing the samples, are then closed and stored in a BagRack Slide by sliding them from the side. The storage of the bags is thus methodical, hygienic and optimized for cadenced pipetting. It prevents the risk of Musculoskeletal disorders (MSD).

<span lang='fr'>BagSystem - Pipeter le filtrat avec BagPipet</span>
6Pipet the filtrate

BagPipet + BagFilter Pipet & Roll
Easily pipet the particle-free sample thanks to the filter contained inside the bag. No debris blocks the pipette or distorts the colony count on the Petri dish. The pipetting area, positioned at the bottom of the BagFilter Pipet & Roll bag, facilitates the collection of filtrate.

The filtrate sample is ready for analysis either with the traditional method or with the rapid analysis method Plate & Count system.
Pipet the filtrate with BagPipet
7Dispense liquids

Peristaltic pumps
Prepare media (in test tubes, bottles and Petri dishes) using our FlexiPump range for optimal sample analysis. With our FlexiPump peristaltic pumps, serial dispensing is accurate, fast and traceable.


BagSystem automates the sample preparation for microbiological or chemical analyses. The analyses are more reliable, accurate and repeatable. Traceability is guaranteed at each step of the sample preparation. It is used in all range of applications.