JumboLine is the product range, specially designed for the preparation of all types of samples weighing, up to 375 g.

This range is composed of the gravimetric dilutors DiluFlow Pro or DiluFlow Elite (with Jumbokit option), the JumboMix 3500 lab blenders, as well as the BagTools laboratory accessories.

It is specifically designed for the analysis of E. coli O157:H7, Salmonella spp, milk powder, chocolate, sample pooling, PCR protocol, etc.

Gravimetric dilutor DiluFlow Elite + Jumbokit

DiluFlow, the high
capacity gravimetric dilutor

DiluFlow Pro and DiluFlow Elite gravimetric dilutors can perform dilutions up to 5000 g total weight. The Jumbokit (Ref. 505 006) is an essential accessory that allows the use of large bags.

DiluFlow Pro (Ref. 502 205) - Gravimetric dilutor 5 kg

DiluFlow Pro

DiluFlow Elite (Réf. 503 205) - Gravimetric dilutor 5 kg

DiluFlow Elite

JumboMix laboratory blender

Maximum capacity up to
3750 mL with JumboMix

Suitable for any volume between 200 mL to 3750 mL, JumboMix blends all types of samples up to 375 g in 30 to 60 seconds. The removable paddles allow a complete and efficient cleaning and disinfection process.

JumboMix P CC (Ref. 031 230) - 3500 mL lab blender

JumboMix 3500

JumboMix W CC (Ref. 032 110 - 032 230) - 3500 mL lab blender

JumboMix 3500

BagTools, lab tools

Interscience has developed a range of laboratory accessories for high volume analyses.

BagPipet - Safety of the analyses


Fixed-volume pipette

037 000 JumboStand ergonomic trolley


Ergonomic stand

BagOpen 3500 mL (Ref. 211 350) - Bag opener/holder

BagOpen 3500

Bag opener/holder

BagRack 3500 (Ref. 221 350) - 4 compartments - Storage rack of 4 bags 3500 mL

BagRack 3500

Storage rack for bags (2 models)

BagClip 3500 mL (Ref. 231 350) - Closing clip

BagClip 3500

Closing clip

BagPipet - Safety of the analyses


Fixed-volume pipette

Bags designed for large samples

Interscience offers RollBag sampling bags that can contain up to 10000 mL. BagFilter, BagPage and BagLight blender bags are also available in 2000 and 3500 mL to analyse large samples.

RollBag (Ref. 145 072) - (7.5 x 20)


sampling bag

BagFilter P 2000 (Ref. 111 200) - 2000 mL lateral filter bag


Blender bag
with lateral filter

BagPage + 2000 (Ref. 122 200) - 2000 mL full-page filter bag


Blender bag
with full-page filter

BagLight PolySilk 2000 (Ref. 132 200) - 2000 mL non-filter bag


Blender bag
without filter

Sample Protocols

Collect the sample with RollBag

Collecting the sample with RollBag

Carry out a sample pooling with DiluFlow Elite

Sample pooling with DiluFlow Elite 5 kg (Jumbokit option):
• 375 g diluted 1:10
• 5 x 25 g diluted 1:10
• 125 g diluted 1/4

Homogenize with JumboMix lab blender

Blend the sample in a JumboMix

Plate with easySpiral

Plating quality and/or pathogen indicators with easySpiral

Incubate Petri dishes with ScanStation

Place the plated Petri dishes in a ScanStation

Obtain a compliance result with ScanStation

Obtain a compliance result with Scan range and/or ScanStation

DiluFlow Elite avec l’option JumboKit propose un protocole automatisé pour tous les échantillons à faible teneur en Aw (Water Activity) selon l’ISO 6887 : poudres de lait, produits déshydratés, céréales…

Distribute the first part of the diluent

Distribute the first part of the diluent

DilufLow - Powder mode - Milk Powder

Collect the milk powder sample

DiluFlow - Powder mode - Dose

Weigh 150 g of milk powder with DiluFlow Elite

DiluFlow - Powder mode - BagOpen</multi>

Dispense 2nd part of diluent to adjust to required dilution factor

Blend the sample for PCR analysis

Blend for PCR analysis

Picto - Socopa

Beef and pork industry

The ultra-low profile of the DiluFlow dilutor is more than just a gadget!


JumboLine is popular in food and environmental laboratories. This range is used for test samples > 100 g in the analysis of milk powder, chocolate, soil, etc. for the detection of E. coli O157:H7 and Salmonella spp., and of Trichinella, Cryptosporidium and Giardia parasites. JumboLine is particularly suitable for the detection of pathogens via a PCR method.