A3P Exhibition, Biarritz, France

Published on 2 December 2021 A3P Exhibition, Biarritz, France

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Key partners and customers from the pharmaceutical industry met at the A3P exhibition in Biarritz, France.

A3P Congrès international - FRANCE

The INTERSCIENCE team was able to present Plate & Count system, the Scan automatic counters and the principle of the ScanStation, a real-time incubation and counting station that allows real-time bacterial analysis. Thank you for your visit.

For more than 30 years, A3P has been federating an international network of skills and experience to meet the technological and regulatory requirements of the pharmaceutical, bioproduction and cosmetics industries.

What is ScanStation ?

The ScanStation automatically performs the incubation, detection and enumeration of colonies as soon as they appear. It is revolutionizing the microbiology sector, with a processing capacity of up to 300 Petri dishes.

Thanks to the video, you can see the colonies evolving. All data will be archived from the start of incubation until validation of the results.