Analytica China 2020 in Shanghai, China

Published on 23 December 2020 Analytica China 2020 in Shanghai, China

Thank you for visiting the Analytica 2020 exhibition in Shanghai, China. We were pleased to present our products and in particular our Scan and ScanStation colony counters, incubator and real-time colony counter.

Our stand at Analytica China 2020: the public could discover and try our products and in particular, Scan 4000 automatic colony counter, DiluFlow gravimetric diluters, Scan 1200 automatic colony counter and ScanStation, incubator and real-time colony counter.

Located in Shanghai, we will serve our customers with a sales and support team.

Come and visit our showroom

Rm1903, No.798 ZhaoJiaBang Rd, XuHui District Shanghai, 200030 - CHINA

Phone: +86 178 2123 6642

You can access and visit our showroom, with extra care given to safety guidelines.

What is ScanStation ?

The ScanStation automatically performs the incubation, detection and enumeration of colonies as soon as they appear. It is revolutionizing the microbiology sector, with a processing capacity of up to 300 Petri dishes.

Thanks to the video, you can see the colonies evolving. All data will be archived from the start of incubation until validation of the results.