Published on 20 July 2021 IAFP 2021 USA


Thank you for visiting us at IAFP 2021 in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. We were pleased to present our products and in particular our automatic colony counters Scan and the Plate & Count system for automated plating and counting.

What is
Plate & Count ?

Plate & Count system boosts your lab work!

Enjoy rapid, standardized and fully traceable results with Plate & Count system :

Serial dilutions up to 10-5 & automatic plating in spread and pour modes with easySpiral Dilute.

Petri dish labelling system with DataLinkTM.

Automatic colony counting with Scan 4000 using Datamatrix data.

Complies with 21 CFR part 11, ISO 4833-2, ISO 7218, AOAC 977.27 and FDA-BAM.

Plate and Count system