LabAsia Show 2019

Published on 17 October 2019 LabAsia Show 2019

This conference took place during the LabAsia trade fair in Kuala Lumpur where the Interscience Southeast Asia team was able to present the INTERSCIENCE workflow for microbiological analyzes.

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LabAsia is the leading laboratory exhibition in Southeast Asia, serving the region’s commercial platform for suppliers of laboratory equipment and services to engage with commercial buyers from across the ASEAN region .

INTERSCIENCE was there to present its workflow with theDiluFlow dilutors, the easySpiral platers, and the Scan 4000 colony counter.

 DiluFlow - Carrots dilution

DiluFlow gravimetric dilutors automate the dilution of the sample before blending and make the process more reliable

LabAsia - BagMixer

BagMixer laboratory blenders guarantee optimal bacterial extraction in less than 60 seconds.

 Salon Adilva - Spiral method

Thanks to the Spiral method, your bacterial analyses will be much faster than the conventional method.

"Updating of classical microbiology techniques for ISO 17025: 2017 compliance."

Conference by Hidayat Sman, specialist in product applications at INTERSCIENCE, October 2019, LabAsia, Kuala Lumpur.

Classical microbiology revolves around culture-based techniques such as bacterial isolation, culture, morphological inspection and census.

Requiring an experienced practitioner, inappropriate techniques produce uncontrolled variations that result in test failures and false negatives.

For manufacturing activities that rely on the results of microbiological tests, ISO 17025: 2017 compliance is an important tool to avoid losses and ensure good quality products.

 Conference at LabAsia show

Here we show how updating traditional classical microbiology techniques can help laboratories comply with this standard. #labautomation #microbiology #bacteria #qualitycontrol # ISO7025: 2017 # ISO7025