ADILVA Show 2019

Published on 25 November 2019 ADILVA Show 2019

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Manon and Sarah presented the DiluFlow, the easySpiral and the Scan 4000 at the ADILVA show (French Association of Directors and Managers of Public Veterinary Laboratories) in Marseille.

 Adilva show - Gravimetric dilutors

Thanks to gravimetric diluents, you will optimize time on the dilution of your sample while respecting the appropriate mass of diluent suitable for your microbiological analysis.

 Salon Adilva - Spiral method

With the Spiral method, your bacterial analyses will be much more effective than the conventional method. It ensures your analysis at each plating on a single Petri dish.

Adilva show - Use comfort

Scan 4000 brings you great comfort of use, high accuracy, excellent reproducibility as well as traceability
of your analyses

"How to integrate the Spiral method for mesophilic flora counting in a food analysis laboratory?"

During this show, Manon Laborie, INTERSCIENCE Application specialist and Christophe Poulain, the LEAV85 Microbiology manager were able to present the path to accreditation for the use of the Spiral method for counting mesophilic / lactic flora in a food analysis laboratory.

« The presented method is a technique which corresponds well to the notion of alternative method. »

« It meets the concept of practicability (automated plating, ready-to-use agar, only one dilution allowed) and is economically satisfactory. »

Christophe Poulain

The Spiral method, what is its principle?

Manon Laborie, Application specialist INTERSCIENCE