Best-seller BagFilter P 400 filter bag new features

Published on 6 October 2021 Best-seller BagFilter P 400 filter bag new features

"Closing Zone" Marking

Allows intuitive placement of the closing clip for leak-free closure. This ensures cleanliness of the incubators and saves time in handling.

Manon Laborie

Incorrect positioning of the closing clip on the bag leads to capillary rise of the sample. Some customers have had cases of cross-contamination during the enrichment stage. The Closing Zone marking is an improvement that provides security for the technician and the samples.

explains Manon Laborie, Application Manager.

Guaranteed leak-free closing in the incubator

No more risk of cross-contamination

The closing zone marking of the best-selling BagFilter P 400, allows the precise positioning of the closing bar for a guaranteed leak-free closing. This eliminates capillary leaks and the siphon effect during the enrichment stage in the incubator. Patent pending.

BagFilter P Closing Zone

Intuitive handling

Indicated position of the closing clip

At a height precisely indicated, the marking is immediately recognisable and identifiable by the technician. This saves time and efficiency when positioning the closing clip.

BagFilter P 400 Closing Zone - Intuitive handling

Peace of mind and time savings for technicians

No more cleaning hassle

Resulting from a collaboration with a customer request, the Closing Zone marking is adapted to all types of closing systems. BagFilter P - Closing Zone is now offering peace of mind to hundreds of teams in analytical production.