bioMérieux and Interscience partnership

Published on 27 March 2023 bioMérieux and Interscience partnership

Interscience R&D and manufacturing teams with 3P® Station, Interscience factory, France.


Interscience for microbiology

Interscience manufactures bioMérieux 3P®  STATION, an innovative solution designed to ensure environmental monitoring processes

Joint PDF issued by bioMérieux and Interscience. March 27th 2023.

bioMérieux, through a long-standing partnership with Interscience, develop the 3P®  STATION, an automated system adapted to pharmaceutical players’ specific needs.

Based on over 30 years of expertise in microbiology and pharmaceutical Quality Control, bioMérieux has co-developed with Interscience the 3P®  STATION according to bioMérieux technical specifications.

This automated system designed to specifically meet the needs of the pharmaceutical industry for their environmental monitoring improves, optimizes and guarantees robust reading performances.

Interscience has been dedicated since its creation to offering innovative laboratory equipment, especially in the field of colony counting for microbiological analyses. Based on this expertise, bioMérieux turned to Interscience to develop and manufacture in France the 3P®  STATION, exclusively for bioMérieux and according to the bioMérieux manufacturing standards. Through this partnership, both companies are honored to have brought this project to life and ensure its success.

This system belongs to 3P®  ENTERPRISE, a solution combining the 3P® SMART PLATES*, the 3P®  CONNECT SOFTWARE**, the 3P®  STATION*** and a dedicated range of services to maximize process efficiency and data integrity. The bioMérieux experts are available to support the integration of 3P®  ENTERPRISE at every stage with a customized approach, to ensure a successful and timely installation and validation.

3P®  ENTERPRISE has been elaborated by bioMérieux to fully address the daily industrial challenges of Environmental Monitoring. Developed and validated in collaboration with major global pharmaceutical companies, 3P®  ENTERPRISE provides an end-to-end solution that fully digitalizes and automates the EM workflow.

To know more about 3P®  ENTERPRISE, read the press release, visit the 3P® dedicated website, or contact your bioMérieux representative.

* State-of-the-art culture media to monitor protected environments, enhanced with ultra-clear design to optimize visual inspection, GS1 barcodes labelling for consistent traceability and data accuracy as well as LOCKSURE® lids to secure sample integrity.

** Data management software that automatically and immediately collects, tracks, and saves all actions and data, removing the paperwork process to mitigate risk of manual errors and optimize EM process, allowing connectivity to LIMS or existing EM module already in place.

*** Automated system for incubation and real time colony counting designed to hold up to 300 Petri dishes simultaneously, providing robust and high precision counting data for an audit ready, 21 CFR Part 11 compliant data environment and process efficiency.