FORUM LABO 2021 Show, Paris, France

Published on 15 October 2021 FORUM LABO 2021 Show, Paris, France

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The INTERSCIENCE team was happy to meet its customers in real life at the Forum Labo exhibition. It was with great enthusiasm that visitors were able to attend live demos of all the ranges of automatons. ScanStation, a real-time colony counting and incubation station, always sparks a lot of interest.

Forum Labo 2021 - Paris France - interscience

FORUM LABO, a CIFL event, brings together the entire laboratory profession to think about and shape the laboratory of tomorrow: large, medium and small companies, start-ups, researchers, students, learned societies, as well as buyers and laboratory technicians from the public sector or the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, cosmetics and biotechnology industries.

Plate and Count system

At the FORUM LABO exhibition in Paris, INTERSCIENCE and its team exhibited all the product ranges, from sampling with INTERSCIENCE bags, DiluFlow gravimetric dilutors, FlexiPump peristaltic pumps, to bacterial analysis with the easySpiral automatic platters and Scan automatic colony counters including the Scan 4000 as well as ScanStation, a real time incubation and colony counting station.

Visitors were particularly interested in the Plate & Count system range of easySpiral plotters, Scan colony counters and ScanStation.

Live demo
Live demo with Emmanuel Jalenques,

Forum Labo 2021 - Interscience - Nicolas Guillot - Emmanuel Jalenques
Nicolas Guillot, Sales Manager France and Emmanuel Jalenques, co-CEO of INTERSCIENCE

Forum Labo 2021 - Emmanuel and Jules Jalenques, INTERSCIENCE co-CEOs
Jules and Emmanuel Jalenques,