Government investment for Interscience - Interlab

Published on 17 December 2021 Government investment for Interscience - Interlab

Government France Relance is today supporting INTERLAB to accelerate project, boost production and create jobs.

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INTERSCIENCE and INTERLAB, sister companies, have received support from the BPI and the Plan de Relance.

Of the €100 billion pledged at national level, 800  000 € will be used to purchase part of the production equipment planned for a factory expansion.

France Relance

BPI France

This will allow us to invest in production tools that will improve the company’s productivity while improving working conditions.

explains Emmanuel Jalenques, co-director with Jules Jalenques of the family business.

Emmanuel JALENQUES presents the INTERSCIENCE range during a visit by elected officials to the R&D and production centre.

The company is going to invest six million euros to expand with the aim of creating around fifty jobs within eight years.

"We were going to build the building and then buy new equipment. We are going to be able to be quicker", said Emmanuel Jalenques, to the Prefet Serge Castel and the sub-Prefet Cécilia Mourgues, who had come to visit the factory.

He continued, once the official presentation was over: "We are happy to invest more quickly. This will allows us more freedom for change and to invest even more in research and development."