New dataLink pro: labelling on the edge of the Petri dish

Published on 19 September 2022 New dataLink pro: labelling on the edge of the Petri dish

439050 dataLink pro
Ref 439 050

dataLink pro is a traceability system for the microbiological analysis workflow, from plating to automated counting.

It allows the transmission, printing and labeling on the edge of the Petri dish of the "identity card" of the sample. All information related to the specific analysis of the sample is traced and automated.

dataLink pro is connected to the easySpiral platers and the Scan and ScanStation automatic colony counters.

Sylvie Viboud

Sticking labels on large series of Petri dishes has always been tedious and could, depending where on the plate, false the automatic counting of colonies. We wanted a semi-automated system that would save time and provide a global traceability system. The dataLink pro pack reduces tedious handling in the laboratory and ensures the transmission of information between the automatons, which makes the work more fluid and safer.

Sylvie Viboud, Ph. D., Microbiologist, INTERSCIENCE Microbiology Lab.

Semi-automated labelling

The lid of the dish is lifted very slightly so that the label is applied. Depending on the information on the label and the analysis, Colony counting settings are automatic. Traceability is ensured and there is a significant time saving for the laboratory workers.

dataLink pro — Advantages

Your data on the edge of the Petri dish

The label allows the transmission, printing and traceability of the sample data. There are three label formats: sample number, barcode, datamatrix.

dataLink araignée

  1. Datamatrix
  2. Sample number
  3. Operator code
  4. Date and time of plating
  5. Type of agar or method of analysis
  6. Volume of plated sample
  7. Plating method

Automatic colony counting made easy

All plating data is transmitted to the automatic counter or incubation and counting station. Incubation and counting parameters are set automatically.

The label on the edge makes it easy to read the dishes. Results are saved and exported automatically.


The dataLink pro pack is part of the Plate & Count system which includes all the steps of bacterial analysis: dilution, plating, incubation and colony counting. With 50 possible combinations, it is the optimal solution for your microbiological analyses when you are looking for efficiency, repeatability and traceability.

Plate and Count system

The dataLink pro pack (Ref 439 050) contains: 1 printer, 1 power cord, 1 USB cable, 2 user manuals, 1 thermal transfer film (Ref 439 052), 1 mandrel, 3 rolls of 2,500 adhesive labels (Ref 439 051), 1 USB key with the supervision software.