New dataLink range: Petri dish labelling solution

Published on 8 November 2023 New dataLink range: Petri dish labelling solution

Petri dish labelling solution

dataLink solution facilitates Petri dish identification for the microbiological analysis chain.

Controlled via the dataLink software, it tracks data from sample reception to counting. The solution enables secure sharing of Petri dish processing parameters, with label printing. All information relating to sample analysis is tracked and automated.

dataLink works in all open environments, and is ideally connected to easySpiral automatic platers, Scan and ScanStation automatic colony counters. dataLink software complies with 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines, including the implementation of an audit trail.


Traceability is often a challenge for the laboratory, with dataLink pro we simplifiy the identification of the sample and we ensure sample tracking from its arrival at the laboratory through to results delivery.

Manon Laborie, Application Service Manager, Interscience

Petri dish labeling: manual or semi-automated

The dataLink solution designs, prints and labels the sample’s "identity card" on the Petri dish. It tracks the data collected during microbiological analysis.


works with
a standard printer

dataLink pro

with its semi-automated labeling system, is ideal for large production runs. With a wave of the hand, the label is applied to the edge of the Petri dish.

Traceability guaranteed of plating data
Easy colony counting with label on the edge
Open environment adapted to all configurations

Your data on the edge of the Petri dish

The label enables sample data to be transmitted, printed and traced.

dataLink araignée

Example of printed data:
1. Datamatrix
2. Sample number
3. Operator code
4. Date and time of plating
5. Type of agar or method of analysis
6. Volume of plated sample
7. Plating method

Traceability of analysis data

Controlled via dataLink software, all information relating to analysis data is traced and sent to the printer. Three label formats are available: alphanumeric, barcode and datamatrix.
It’s an open traceability system, which integrates just as well in an Interscience workflow as into any other work environment.
  • • With easySpiral: dataLink solution connects to an easySpiral plater, Scan automatic counter or ScanStation.
  • • Without easySpiral: dataLink software compiles microbiological-analytical data, obtained by importing a file in ExcelTM format (operator code, can number, date, etc.). You can configure your labels by selecting the data to be integrated on the label. Readable by an external barcode reader, the data can be exported to a LIMS. dataLink solution can be integrated into any work environment.

Analysis security

User account management, integrated into the software, manages rights according to roles.
dataLink interface gives access only to those functions authorized by the role of the logged-in user. In this way, each user operates within the field of action assigned to him/her, without altering the data processed by other users. Password management secures user accounts.

dataLink software complies with 21 CFR Part 11 directives, including the implementation of an audit trail.

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