ScanStation 2021 New Features

Published on 1 July 2021 ScanStation 2021 New Features

After installing more than 50 ScanStation in 12 different countries, we have identified several areas for improvement after intensive discussions with our customers, particularly in the pharmaceutical sector. Today, we are pleased to be able to offer today improved counting accuracy and user-friendliness with ScanStation. Real-time microbiological analysis allows for better production management, which is key for many industries.

Jules Jalenques, CEO.

Telecentric lens

Upgraded counting accuracy

The high performance telecentric lens allows the Petri dish to be viewed in an absolute vertical position, without perspective distortion. The surface area around the edge of the dish, where the agar meniscus makes counting more difficult, is reduced. By reducing this area from 9% to 5% of the total surface of the Petri dish, counting performance increases. Typical counting accuracy increases from 95% to 97.5%. This is crucial for the pharmaceutical industry, where a colony on the edge of the dish can make the difference between a positive or negative result, especially in the monitoring of air quality in clean rooms. This new feature is standard on the ScanStation 300 model.

ScanStation 300 telecentric lens

Standard camera

ScanStation 100 standard camera

Telecentric lens

ScanStation 300 telecentric lens

ScanStation 200 with central screen

Central screen

Ergonomics optimized for your laboratory

The central screen reduces the ScanStation’s side space requirement. The linear space required is reduced from 245 cm to 175 cm compared to a ScanStation with a side screen and keyboard support. This is an attractive option for our customers looking to couple multiple ScanStations in their lab. This accessory is available on all ScanStation range: ScanStation 100 , ScanStation 200 and ScanStation 300.

Footprint with lateral screen

Footprint ScanStation with lateral screen

Footprint with central screen

Footprint ScanStation with central screen

Removable petals

Easy to clean and disinfect

To facilitate access to the bottom of the carousel, the 5-petal blocks removable can be removed by pulling on it, using a magnetic connection, so that the surface below the carousel can be cleaned easily. This makes 100% of the ScanStation floor area easily accessible and cleanable. This new feature is standard on the entire ScanStation range: ScanStation 100 , ScanStation 200 and ScanStation 300.

ScanStation: Easy disinfection with the removable petals