We love Microbiology Day @interscience 2022

Published on 7 July 2022 We love Microbiology Day @interscience 2022

We have been pleased to organise We love Microbiology Day @interscience 2022 in our offices in Saint Nom on Tuesday June 28, 2022.

On this occasion we received Professor Jean Freney, Emeritus Professor of Universities, who taught Microbiology and Bacteriology at the Institute of Pharmaceutical and Biological Sciences of Lyon. He was also a hospital practitioner at the Edouard Herriot Hospital in Lyon.

Pr Freney gave a lecture on "History of microbiological diagnosis, from potato culture to PCR and rapid tests". We were able to learn more about the exciting beginnings of microbiology and the research of the infinitely small, the progress of medicine and the future perspectives. We were also able to situate our place as manufacturers and research and innovations for microbiology in the larger history of Science. Thank you Pr Freney, we had a great time!

François Jalenques - technique Spiral - Pr Freney
Prof. Freney has used extensively the Spiral technique promoted by François Jalenques, Interscience.

Microbiologie - boite de Petri - Pr Freney
History of microbiology with Pr Freney

Pr Freney - Applicatif INTERSCIENCE
Prof. Freney had interesting discussions with the Application team.

Pr Freney - Equipe INTERSCIENCE
Delighted to welcome Prof. Freney