45 years expertise in microbiology

Interscience has been developing and manufacturing innovative scientific equipment for microbiology for 45 years. Its products guarantee safe and fast analyses for the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, environmental and medical research industries.

A family story

Interscience is a family owned company that invests all its profits in the society, particularly in research and development.


François Jalenques

François Jalenques (1928-2012)
Physicist, Founder of RIBER and Interscience

The vision of a human and innovative company

Driven by the spirit of enterprise and passionate about industrial creation, François Jalenques, a French physicist and entrepreneur, founded Interscience in 1979.

His ambition: create products of excellent quality, expand internationally and offer great services. First, he promoted the innovative Spiral method that automates the routine work of bacterial enumeration.

His model is also social. François Jalenques decides to set up his business in the heart of Cantal, cradle of his family origins, to revitalize industrial life in a deserted area.

A world reference

In 2012, brothers Emmanuel and Jules Jalenques took over the company by perpetuating this vision of a pleasant work environment, respectful of the ecology and the service of the people who work there.

The company currently employs 180 people in officies in France, Germany, USA, Singapore, China and Japan. We export 80% of our production through an energetic, multilingual sales team that coordinates a strong network of distributors in more than 130 countries.

The company has become a global reference as a manufacturer in the field of microbiology.

Portrait Emmanuel Jalenques

Emmanuel Jalenques

Portrait Jules Jalenques

Jules Jalenques

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A dynamic R&D department,
with more than 30 patents filed worldwide

Innovation and attention to detail have been driving R&D teams from the very beginning. From the Spiral method to the launch of the multi-award-winning ScanStation, Interscience continues to innovate.

To date, the company has filed more than thirty patented innovations and guarantees French quality manufacturing.

Products fully developed and manufactured in France

Interscience manufactures and services all of its products. Established since 1994 in Puycapel in Cantal, in the center of France, the plant includes 6,000 m2 of R&D center, production factory and storage center. It actively participates in the revitalization of a rural area and creates a significant number of jobs.

The factory is integrated in a natural and planted landscape. Interscience has a respectful approach of the local landscape and the environment: selective recycling and waste, wood heating sourced in the vicinity of the factory, recovery of rainwater ...

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