Severe manufacturing tests

All our machines are individually checked and calibrated according to strict procedures. Each instrument undergoes endurance tests. All functionality is thoroughly inspected. This represents between 5 and 25 tests per device.

Fabrication test

Long service life

We design custom parts and use high quality materials for the manufacture of our machines. The sustainability of our products is essential and as a matter of principle we do not practice planned obsolescence.


Our warranty

During the warranty period, we commit to undertake the repairs or replace the defective device used under normal conditions of use and maintained according to our recommendations. The INTERSCIENCE warranty covers equipment intended to be maintained and repaired, subject to registration of the warranty card.

Spare parts available

Our R&D center designs tailor-made parts for the manufacture of our automates. We have secured our supplies by having local and reliable suppliers, and all our parts are rigorously examined and tested. We keep spare parts in stock for a minimum period of 10 years after the production of the manufacture of the last unit . Otherwise, we will always have an alternative solution to offer you.

 available pieces

A team at your service

Our Customer Support team, together with engineers from the R&D center, are committed to solving any difficulty you may encounter.

Cooperative team